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About Us

From hydraulics service providers to water rig manufacturers, BHS has transitioned smoothly on the power of its well grounded expertise, cutting edge experience and delivering customer delight consistently right from its inception.
BHS’ Promoter, Mr M. Basheer, has nearly three decades of experience in hydraulics, which has given the company rare insights into how to optimize efficiency, performance and maintenance in real time and every time. The company has scaled up to the next level by foraying into drilling rigs and manufacturing water rigs three years ago.

BHS’ services encompass manufacture of hydraulic components, field service, project design, management and installation, fluid analysis, component diagnosis as well as refurbishment. The services are delivered at the workshops equipped with an advanced range of machinery, equipment and tools. These hydraulic services include fabrication, modification, reconditioning, overhauling and re-manufacture of hydraulic components in pumps, motors, valves and cylinders.

Effective quality control processes are in place to test the performance of hydraulic equipment serviced at workshops. Sophisticated Testing facilities are employed to study and diagnose system components. Hydraulic services also include fluid condition monitoring to analyse the quality of hydraulic fluid. These hydraulic services are also provided on-site by a team of field service technicians to enable quick diagnosis and prevent equipment downtime.
Given the criticality of optimum functioning of hydraulics, the company has in place a zero-tolerance approach towards any deficiency in quality. A dedicated team of service engineers and quality personnel are rigorously trained in the science and mechanics of hydraulics and water rigs manufacture, with special focus on why and how hydraulics and rig malfunction make a dent in the functioning.

The main glitches in performance and quality occur due to particles and moisture content during the servicing process and the shop floor. These two have been seen to be the major culprits in contaminating hydraulic and rig components.

The efficiency and smoothness of operation that hydraulic systems are known for depend on clean oil. If dirty oil, dust or debris enters your hydraulic components during repair or servicing, the longevity and performance of those components may be affected. BHS therefore pays the minutest attention to detail to ensure a clean repair and shop floor, and clean oil.

The company has a sophisticated, all-inclusive workshop for dismantling, preparation and installation of hydraulic hose lines, on-board spare parts, and resources needed for rig manufacturing.

BHS’ reputation is not only built on its three decades of experience, but in its adherence to the highest standards of quality, delivered in the shortest response time, and at affordable cost. We believe that our customers are not just buying into a product they need, but an experience they would like to cherish for ever. That’s our secret of gaining customer loyalty and customer retention.