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Drilling is not for the weak at heart. You need to be strong-willed. You need to dig deep – into your resources, into your reserves, and into your spirit of resilience. Manufacturing rigs is not for the faint hearted. You need a perfect understanding of your tools, your techniques, processes, applications and your domain. As a high quality manufacturer of rigs, you don’t have the luxury of rigging the customer’s endorsement!
BHS has always been proud of its dedication, devotion, determination and discipline, in producing high quality, professional, reliable and affordable water well rigs and other rigs, for multiple uses, in multiple domains.

We have successfully deployed and distilled the wisdom gained through our vast experience, and our service engineers and personnel can match the best in the genre.

BHS’ global footprint is expanding and we are fully geared to meet the peers in this industry and match their core competencies and skills.

The demand for water well rigs is on an ascendant and the trend forecasts are positive for the mid-term. We at BHS are fully geared to meet this future demand, given our length, breadth and width of multiple domain expertise in this field. At the same time, BHS will not take its eye off its other corporate goal of delivering customer delight, every time. The company’s policy is to serve the last customer in the last line, with the same zeal and passion as the first. Let this be our drill in the company, i.e. Customer Delight as a routine thing.

The world’s best companies thrive not merely because of the excellence of their product, or price, or their campaign, but because of customer excellence.

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